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We began with a simple idea: Kindle e-ink works perfectly in direct sunlight and is so affordable that it costs less than a pair of designer sunglasses.
Our first spot, "Pool," became one of the week's top performing viral videos. Building on its success and continued memorability in consumer research, we've created several follow-up spots highlighting differentiating factors of the Kindle. When Kindle Paperwhite launched, we produced "Husbands," which casually features a gay couple and was lauded by the Human Rights Campaign as an example of inclusive advertising. Our latest Paperwhite spot says it all without needing to say anything.
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With growing competition in the marketplace, Kindle needed a series of commercials focusing on differentiation, functionality and ease of use.
Keeping true to the realistic scenarios that have been a proven success for the brand, the "Friends" campaign unfolds as a series of real life conversations which could happen anywhere. The chemistry between the actors was critical, especially when keeping the location abstract. This campaign performed well in the memorability and brand linkage tests conducted and was expanded for use in the UK market where we had the opportunity to shoot a separate campaign and cast unique British actors for these roles. Continue reading.
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While experimenting with its brand voice, Kindle had us test a strategy that was less about the functionality of the product and instead promoted reading.
Our team created "Grandma," a spot that aimed to illustrate the powerful emotional impact of giving the gift of reading. While tugging at the heartstrings, the relevant message and affordable price point struck a cord with consumers. The national media buy ran during the holidays and the spot remains one of the top performing Kindle ads of all time.
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