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Aol On
We did: Strategy, Branding, Design, Digital, Print
One of the world's largest brands in the digital space came to us to help define and launch their video portal to compete against Google and YouTube channels. Aol wanted a fresh and unique brand positioning strategy and campaign that announced the launch of their video destination. We branded it the "On Network” and provided comprehensive brand guidelines and a strategic framework for this new initiative.

Our team of strategists drove the development and definition of the video network brand strategy. We crafted the criteria and positioning that ultimately led to the naming convention for the network and its channels.

We then unleashed our creative team to develop the brand's design identity, including logo, tagline and vertical needs. The massive undertaking included designing the web portal and each of its unique channels. The launch campaign included high impact B2B marketing and sales materials, print, out of home and guerilla marketing concepts along with comprehensive environmental concepts for the upfront launch event. A group of strategists, designers, animators and editors also led the development and production of the launch video which premiered at the event.

Ultimately, we delivered a comprehensive set of tools that not only supported the launch but also provided their internal creative team with design assets to use in the future.