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We did: Strategy, Design, Digital, SEO
We helped launch the Polaroid Cube with a digital campaign featuring user-generated content from social media influencers.

Our brand strategy team positioned the Cube as a lifestyle alternative to professional athlete focused action cameras in the market, including messages like “It’s hip to be cube” and “No Pros Required.”

To facilitate conversations about the product, we worked with creator network Niche to cultivate a series of videos and blogs from notable influencers such as Smarty Pants Mama and Dad’s Guide to the Universe. With each influencer, we provided guidance and resources while allowing them freedom to create on their own terms.

Ultimately, our campaign engendered significant online engagement, with over 1,600 uploads related to the product and more than 100,000 likes and comments over a period of three months.

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Our lifestyle-oriented brand strategy also informed a digital campaign that included paid search ads and web banners. While we wanted to convey a youthful, vibrant personality for the Cube, we also recognized the opportunity to market towards parents looking for the perfect gift for their kids during the run-up to the holiday season. This strategy yielded a spike in Instagram posts related to the cube right around Christmas, along with a steady rise in “family centric” posts in the months following the holidays.

Finally, we created a microsite to act as the central hub for all of the stories, brand activations, and product details surrounding the cube. To connect the Cube to its parent brand while maintaining a unique visual identity, our web design team put a distinctive twist on the established Polaroid aesthetic. We created the entire user experience from scratch, including a full e-commerce solution, and worked closely with Polaroid’s internal development team to bring our designs to life.

The site looks great on devices of all shapes and sizes, and features an interactive platform, called Cube Club, which allows users to show off their images and video. With Cube Club, Polaroid can foster ongoing engagement and maintain relevance by posting challenges and rewarding the best responses with prizes.

Thanks to our SEO strategy, the site earned a higher trust flow ranking (a measure of relevant links to the site) than Go Pro’s website within a few weeks of launch.