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TV One
TV One is a television network targeting African American adults with a mix of original content and reruns from the 1970s through the 2000s. TV One came to eyeball for help creating a new on-air look and feel for the brand that would get loyal viewers excited and also attract a new, younger audience.
We delivered a logo and graphics rebrand package that was modern, sleek, and captured the new, edgier direction of the network. Our package utilized a limited range of type weights, a new color palette, deconstruction of the new logo, and featured the letters O, N, E and graphic shapes throughout to reinforce the brand. We also added a tagline, Represent, as a nod to black culture and as a play on “representing” TV One’s programming and identity. The result was a client thrilled with a brand that now felt visually and conceptually unique from its competitors and embraced both where the network has been and where it is going.
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