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Oxygen selected us to help redefine their voice and widen brand appeal to a new generation of young women with a complete network redesign.
The channel sought a fresh approach to make way for an evolving programming lineup and appeal to a young demographic with diverse and eclectic interests. Using the new tagline, “Very Real,” as the guiding principle, we crafted a wholly new brand identity, encompassing on and off-air promotion, digital and OOH, with a modern, clean and vibrant aesthetic. Within two months Oxygen had exceeded its goals for the rebrand, becoming the youngest women’s network in primetime by 8 years and delivering 26% more 18-34 women. Read More.
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The rebrand centered around a massive design package and complementary strategy. We introduced a new logo with a simple but powerful graphic underscore device that acts as a visual guide for the audience. From this underscore element – exactly half of an HD frame – an elegant grid system was born that provides structure for all design elements. Energetic colors and a minimalist design approach pushed content to the forefront while offering a communication platform for direct and authentic dialogue with the audience.

To help define a new brand voice that speaks to millennial sensibilities, we developed a lexicon and rules to guide usage of slang and adoption of conventions from social media that allow Oxygen to communicate in short bursts of playful phrasing. This approach carried through into design for show promotion, encouraging reductive editorial and narrative techniques that allow content to shine. A comprehensive 180-page style guide empowers Oxygen producers to consistently reproduce their new brand aesthetic.

We also focused on capturing unscripted moments of Oxygen stars, directing and shooting six days of behind-the-scenes footage to initiate a library of authentic interactions between talent and live-action background plates for the new promo system. We developed a unique audio identity that eschews the traditional network mnemonic and instead weaves together conversations between real women in real environments, establishing a unique and distinctly human brand personality for Oxygen.