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We did: Everything
Since 2010, we've been responsible for creating the on-air package design for acclaimed Emmy-winning documentary series POV and its supporting collateral.
The show producers challenged us to use existing brand elements that stay true to their heritage while infusing a fresh, exciting and contemporary look for the show. Part of our solution included composing new theme music for the show packaging that audibly signaled the series' evolution. Read more.
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Extending On-Air Into Print

Each year we look forward to our continued partnership in evolving the brand identity and the amazing films that POV brings to viewers.
We develop and execute a comprehensive marketing package to meet the season's needs, including the recent 25th Anniversary.

We manage all creative development and print production in-house, including press checks and delivery of all elements for the campaign, ensuring that each phase is delivered with the utmost integrity.

Our past success has resulted in expanding the relationship further into developing an integrated print campaign and other online marketing materials. To ensure brand consistency across all consumer-facing communications down to the smallest details, we've even created digital templates for emails and online viewer guides.

We've also created packaging for other shows from the POV producers, most recently the new "America ReFramed" series for PBS's World Channel.