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We did: Strategy, Branding, Design, Print
When Feld Entertainment reached out to us to create a marketing campaign and new logo for the next Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey show, we were intrigued. It’s a successful, well-known brand steeped in history and tradition, but always looking to stay fresh and relevant. We were asked to explore design of traditional show collateral and exploring new ideas that would help gain attention and drive ticket sales.

When we were initially briefed, many of the show details were still in development and unable to be shared. Unfazed by that, we presented dozens of logos, alternate show names and innovative campaign ideas that could reach across media channels. Our challenge was to remain true to the nostalgia of the brand and showcase the performers while building anticipation for the Greatest Show on Earth.

We ultimately created over 150 pieces to support the launch of the “Built to Amaze” show and continue to explore new ideas upcoming properties.