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We did: Design, VFX, Print
We worked with Steven Meisel to blend photography and design to create an innovative 30-page spread for Vogue Italia’s most prominent issue of the year, as well as the cover itself.

Regardless of the medium we work in, seeing our work in print in one of the most notorious fashion magazines in the world is breathtaking. Having thirty full two-page spreads is almost surreal. The project was driven by the passion of our designers and compositors who worked tirelessly to blend thousands of photographs we shot around New York City, combining disparate facades into unique and powerful compositions that had the might to hold up these dark yet elegant fashion shots.
Each shot is a surrealistic juxtaposition of high fashion against a film noir cityscape. Meisel first shot his models on a green screen with few physical props.
Our team then designed digital backgrounds, collaged from our still photographs of NYC and composited with the model photography. This is a project that remains dear to us all and timeless to those who view it. We love our thick Vogue Italia that weighs down our shelf of classic projects that we've had the opportunity to be involved in.
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