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For the first-of-its-kind SVOD comedy channel, Seeso brought us aboard to help define the brand and bring it to life, from figuring out the brand’s visual identity to how it fits into consumers’ lives and interact with it. This resulted in a comprehensive branding exercise, culminating in logo design, audio mnemonics, and a comprehensive promo toolkit that included marketing templates, collateral, and style guide.
At the same time, we revisited the UX/UI and dug deep into the navigation, architecture, and user flow, to create a responsive, seamless design across all platforms. Whether it was the desktop, mobile, or the connected device platform version of Seeso, the result was a truly integrated brand experience that utilized the same principles that inform how Seeso communicates to consumers within the experience of the service itself. We were truly thrilled to help launch such a unique brand into the next stage of television.
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