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Ovation is America's only arts network, dedicated to using their TV and online presence to building a community that brings together artists with art lovers.
We were approached for a comprehensive rebrand and delivered a new identity system for on-air design, destination nights, cross-channel promotion, a website re-skin, audio identity, digital and print corporate collateral and an extensive style guide. We also created design to support their social platform, CulturePop, as well as their arts education advocacy initiatives.
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Ovation's unique approach to content curation makes them one of the few remaining quality outlets for arts and culture television programming in the U.S. Our strategists worked to develop positioning that angled this curatorial expertise to the forefront of the new brand.

This positioning inspired a visual aesthetic that balanced a minimalist eye for typography and graphic elements with rich and textural imagery culled from the many documentaries, films and performance programs in Ovation's lineup. Every detail, from the animation style through to the original music, was created to feel hand-crafted and unique, subtly reinforcing the artists' spirit throughout.

The resulting identity is an engaging and accessible package that allows for endless iteration for Ovation's talented in-house team of designers and producers.