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We did: Branding, Design, Live Action Direction, Editorial, Animation, Original Music, Sound Design
We flexed all our creative muscles when we created the brand video, logo animation and audio logo for the launch of Aetna's vibrant new brand identity.
Taking inspiration from the uncomplicated and elegant logo developed by our clients, siegel+gale, we created a short film to illustrate the renewed energy of the brand.

Our goal was to communicate the easy-to-use and approachable quality of Aetna without making it feel like a pharmaceutical ad, and to illustrate Aetna's commitment to helping people make life connections that matter. We also needed to inspire all three Aetna audiences: customers, employees and healthcare professionals. Read more.
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Our animation of the new Aetna logo emphasized the values embodied in the type ligature with a seamless, fluid connection between the “a” and the “e.”
Likewise, we sought to project an upbeat yet sophisticated voice for the brand through our audio logo. The motion is articulated with a lively, uplifting melody and a simple tone that evokes a moment of personal connection.

In an industry with a reputation for bureaucracy and frustration, Aetna is changing the paradigm, and we were thrilled to help bring the transformation to life.
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