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We did: Design, Live Action Direction, Editorial, VFX, Animation, Original Music
We have partnered for the many years on Target’s “Art For All” campaign, a series of installation videos highlighting Target’s support of the arts.
With "Art Celebrates," we captured 50 years of Alvin Ailey and created a film that mixes live action and design to portray the dance company's long artistic legacy. The films we create for Target initially exhibit at the Staples Center and Victory Park, Dallas. They are later broadcast as television commercials on high-profile Target-sponsored programming, including the Golden Globe Awards.
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Continuing to evolve the Target's artistic side, we created "Art Unfolds," which was cited #1 in the 2010 Communication Arts Annual in the Motion Graphics category.
Simple in concept and minimal in design, the piece begins with a red box that unfolds to display playful, elaborate scenes hand painted with charming illustrations. The beautiful craft and the dynamic animation of the spot makes it an "Art for All" favorite. We continue to collaborate with Target on select design projects.
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