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We did: Everything
After a long selection process, PBS chose us above a dozen competitors to deliver their first rebrand in a decade with one of the largest packages ever.
We created a versatile on-air package with over a thousand elements ranging from full live action network IDs that were shot across the country to a flexible graphic identity system adaptable for the hundreds of PBS affiliate stations. The identity included a more contemporary logo and was created and produced entirely in-house by our team of directors, designers and animators. Read more.
Play Rebrand Montage / System Cues / Music Themes
01 PBS Theme - Arrangement 1
02 PBS Theme - Arrangement 2
03 PBS Theme - Arrangement 3
04 PBS Theme - Arrangement 4
05 PBS Secondary Theme
06 PBS Mood Theme - Reflect
07 PBS Mood Theme - Celebrate
08 PBS Mood Theme - Search
09 PBS Mood Theme - Energize
10 PBS Mood Theme - Soar
The Sound Component

We also created a sonic identity that further helped bring PBS into the 21st century with a youthful, fresh approach to music.

Through a strategic process covering the better part of a year, we interviewed key PBS staff while conducting marketplace and audience research.

Our insight led us to a sonic palette that was expansive and anthemic but also warm, organic and sometimes intimate. To achieve this we recorded a live band that included a string quartet, horn section, vibraphone player, and an arsenal of toy instruments in an attic studio in Athens, Georgia.

The final package included a range of new themes and a new audio logo for the brand. We have since continued to work with PBS to evolve and adapt the thematic music, most recently employed in the Emmy-nominated PBS Kids "What If?" campaign.