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To Cancer
We did: Live Action Direction, Design, Editorial
We were honored to collaborate with Ogilvy NY and contribute to Siemens’ campaign to raise awareness and funding for Stand Up To Cancer.
When asked to direct the ad that would introduce this noble experiential campaign and launch with a Times Square media takeover, we immediately said yes. The powerful concept was inspired by Siemens campaign mission to “bring us closer,” not only to a cure for cancer but to each other as individuals. For every person who touched a real baton passed from hand to hand across the U.S., Siemens would donate $1 to Stand Up To Cancer. Read more.
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We worked with Ogilvy to bring this concept to life with a spot that kicked off the campaign in Times Square. It played simultaneously across many screens during the event, with messaging uniquely formatted for each.

Our approach was to keep the motion and messaging elegant and effortless. Ogilvy’s concept was originally inspired by Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and we translated this into opening with two hands reach towards each other earnestly. The baton connects them, and fluidly transitions from hand to hand as it is passed. In order to bring the required level of meaning and nuance to each of the hand movements, we chose to work with dancers who have a deeper understanding of how to express emotion with their hands. We then experimented with different levels of silhouette and shadow to direct the audience to the important information on screen.

From it’s March 2014 launch, the baton was passed to 500,000 people by June and had met it’s $1,000,000 goal in just seven months by September of 2014. By any measure, the campaign was an enormous success and we are so happy to have lent our talents to such an important cause.You can find out more about the campaign on Siemens’ Facebook page.