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NY Cosmos
We did: Everything
After a thirty-year hiatus, we helped re-launch the Cosmos, a New York professional soccer club, with a complete brand identity overhaul.

The new Cosmos needed a smart, bold, contemporary and dynamic brand identity that would appeal both to fans of the original team and to a new generation of soccer enthusiasts. Our strategists worked closely with their internal team to develop positioning and overall strategy. To cement the Cosmos’ identity as New York's most authentic soccer club, we developed a fresh tagline, "Born and raised." Our in-house team of designers produced a vibrant new visual identity, complete with a comprehensive style guide with detailed instructions for everything from logos to typography. As the agency of record since 2012, we continue to support many of their initiatives with world-class strategy and creative.

The Cosmos also tasked us with extending their new brand identity across a massive range of physical and virtual properties, and our design team rose to the challenge. As a result, our presence can be felt throughout every aspect of the Cosmos fan experience. We were responsible for all of the in-stadium branding, including banners stretching the entire circumference of the field. We designed all of the official Cosmos merchandise, including T-Shirts, sweaters, scarves, hats, soccer balls, cups, bottle openers, knapsacks, iPhone cases and more. We have also developed branding for merchandise trailers, step trucks and even a parade float for Columbus Day.
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Our in-house team also continues to produce annual campaigns to drive ticket sales, and have done so since the Cosmos’ inaugural season.
Campaigns include print, out of home, live action, editorial, and online banners in both English and Spanish. We also design tickets, holiday cards, and a seasonal report booklet every year. Throughout our campaigns and design support for the Cosmos, we aim to tap into both the legacy of the original team and the experience of a modern fan, while positioning them as New York’s number one home soccer club and a team worth rallying around. As fans of the sport and the team, we are excited and proud to be facilitating the growing popularity of professional soccer in the US.
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