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We did: Design, Live Action Direction, Editorial, Animation, VFX, Original Music
Building on our relationship with Servpro and The Buntin Group, our team used cutting edge 3D technology to create this stunning campaign.
We produced and directed each of the three spots, using a custom scanning system and constructing 3D models from camera footage to create photo-real CG environments. For “Scale,” we employed a drone with a GoPro to capture footage of Servpro trucks and the desert landscape. We then took these 3D models and combined them with live footage to create vivid effects, such as the incredibly realistic CG living room in “Here to Help.” The resulting spots are contemporary and creative, pushing the Servpro brand into new visual territory. Read more.
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In our first spot for Servpro, nationwide disaster and hazard cleanup experts, we had thirty seconds to depict a crippling disaster undone by capable restoration.
To be effective, the spot needed more than just dynamism; it relied on a vivid depiction of catastrophe. We traveled to flood-drenched Kansas to photograph roads and debris so our 3D composited environments would be authentically textured, and shot reference of downed trees and wires so for accurate animation reference. Seamlessly integrating digital matte paintings, CGI environments, live-action and original music, the spot used all of our team's diverse capabilities.
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