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We provided strategy, brand identity and design for Sizmek, a new company that offers simple, powerful tools for targeted digital ad management.
For two decades it was a common weekly practice for us to messenger beta tapes up to DG Systems in Midtown for them to clone and traffic to individual television stations. When DG sold off their broadcast business and planned to relaunch as a purely digital service, we were thrilled to become an instrumental part of their next evolution. We provided a wholly new brand identity from the ground up to reflect the firm they'd become and the future they were creating – starting with a new name.
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Launching Sizmek

We worked closely with their executives to determine the position, a distinct combination of technical capability and creative intuition.

Our new name, "Sizmek," signaled the company's capacity to affect significant and widespread influence throughout the market- place. Building on the strategic foundation laid by the naming process, we developed a comprehensive brand identity for all collateral, advertising, and marketing. The extensive system included website and mobile design, video and a full sonic brand identity based around a new audio mnemonic.

Our work helped mobilize and excite employees, clients, and partners across all international offices and helped successfully launch this new publicly-traded entity.