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We did: Everything
We are Amazon’s trusted partner for innovative product launches, often working closely with their team early in the product development cycle.
For Amazon Echo, we introduced the revolutionary new product’s potential to augment regular household activities and become part of the fabric of everyday life. We brought the script to life on a tight timeline by overseeing all aspects of the production entirely in house. The video rapidly received 2.5 million views on Youtube, even inspiring dozens of lighthearted spoofs, some within 24 hours of the video’s release. Continue Reading.
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Our short video for Amazon’s innovative Prime Air service generated a massive viral response and captured the imagination of the entire country.
As with all product launches, we began strategizing with Amazon’s product team while early in development. In order to convey the potential impact of this new service, we settled on an understated approach that would show viewers a world in which automated drone deliveries are routine. The resulting video racked up over 14 million views on Youtube and was featured on The Colbert Report. In a more real-world scenario, we also created a video to launch Amazon’s rapid messenger delivery service, PrimeNow. Read more.
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Our extensive work supporting product launches also includes the introductory image campaign for Amazon’s first tablet, the Kindle Fire.
We determined that the new Amazon tablet required a starkly different message from its competition. While campaigns for similar devices raced to show off new technology, we tapped into the timeless tradition of storytelling. Kindle Fire naturally became a story container, filled not only with books, but all media. Our resulting spot combined live action with CG on a journey from the pen to the printing press and finally to Kindle screens. This emphasis on the relationship between users and devices has informed much of our creative for Amazon, including our work for the Kindle Paperwhite. Continue.
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We helped launch the Kindle Paperwhite with a series of short films that explored the relationship between devices, makers and users.
In order to showcase the reading experience, we created an environment where avid readers could express their appreciation for the role Kindle plays in their lives. To introduce the product design team, our goal was to demonstrate the way human needs and habits inspired the Kindle’s design. These videos broaden the stories surrounding the Kindle, making clear how the users' love for the device mirrors the ambition with which it was built. Taken together, these videos reflect our belief that brand identity derives its substance from the passion of those who sustain it.
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