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Screenvision, the innovation leader in cinema advertising, asked us to produce an exciting, entertaining and informative branded upfront event.
Our objective was to communicate Screenvision’s ability to cut through media fragmentation and reach the elusive Gen Y demographic. We handled everything from strategy and concept through to production of the event, which we designed to be a case study of Screenvision's creative capabilities. Using original research, compelling design, sleek infographics and beautiful animation, the keynote video presentation made the case for cinema advertising as an effective and relevant companion to traditional media buys.
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For the upfront event, our presentation was delivered within the same context that audiences experience Screenvision advertising: at the movies. We made our guests feel like celebrities at a premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the prestigious Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. We coordinated the entire event, including the guest list and entertainment. We brought in three popular NYC food trucks and put in a Screenvision-branded photo booth, creating a fun and vibrant party atmosphere.

The transition from the chaotic environment of the party to the calm, cool environment inside the theater illustrated Screenvision’s brand message that cinema advertising is an oasis in the midst of a cluttered and chaotic media landscape.

Throughout the whole event, we managed social media activity and were able to provided Screenvision with an improved social media presence they could manage internally.

The upfront was a huge success, with a maximum capacity crowd, rave reviews from attendees and favorable coverage from The New York Times and Digital Cinema Report. We were delighted at the opportunity to combine our passions for design, animation, branding and event planning to make this upfront an unforgettable experience.