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We did: Strategy, Branding, Original Music, Sound Design
CNN challenged us to reinvent “news music” for the 21st Century. Over the next year, we examined its history, from ancient cultures to current trends.
We developed a large toolkit of region-specific network themes which, based on our research on musical recognition, were composed to be consistent in chord progression rather than melody. This allowed us to maintain consistency across an enormous range of international musical styles. We also created a malleable audio logo comprised of distinct percussive hits. We continue to add new themes to the library each year, as the brand sound evolves with current music styles. Read more.
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01 CNN International - New York
02 CNN International - Explorer
03 CNN International - Copenhagen
04 CNN International - History
05 CNN International - Mumbai
06 CNN International - Rebel
07 CNN International - Dublin
08 CNN International - Taipei
09 CNN Español - Juarez
10 CNN Español - Monterrey
The success of our new strategy led to subsequent stages of brand audio development, including a theme for the CNN Freedom Project.
Launched in 2010, this noble initiative launched by CNN seeks the abolition of human trafficking. By shining a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplifying the voices of the victims, highlighting success stories, CNN is playing a vocal role in helping unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life. Next Page.
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In addition to our work for the overarching CNN International brand, we have also been instrumental in creating audio specific to CNN Español.
For the 15th Anniversary of CNNE, we launched new show package themes and a new audio logo mnemonic. Elegantly simple in execution, we brought to life the sound of the Ñ with a modern twist. The sound was delivered in a full chromatic scale, so that it can easily merge with any piece of underlying music, becoming the accent that underlines the brand.
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