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We did: Branding, Design
When one of our creatives saw an opportunity in the marketplace for an affordable, organic lip balm, we supported the new venture with comprehensive strategic branding, product design, and initial marketing support.

We collaborated to launch a brand based the ethos of Ayurvedic products with raw, vegan, fair-trade and organic ingredients that would appeal to an international marketplace. It would be freshly made in small batches in the U.S. and retail for under $5. After years of rigorous trials, Hurraw! launched without compromising its vision.

Hurraw! is now available in 22 flavors in the U.S. at all American Apparel stores and Wegman's, and is distributed internationally through connections we helped establish.

"Their line of handmade lip balms has everything we love about the expensive brands -fair trade, raw and organic ingredients - along with the cheap price and awesome scents of our drugstore favorites."

"Not sure what we love more: the organic, raw, cruelty-free ingredients or the delightful flavorslike Root Beer and Chai Spice."

"Hurray for Hurraw! Balm! This yummy new line of lip balms is just plain wonderful: all-natural, organic, fair trade, vegan, and oh yes, did I mention yummy?"