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We did: Strategy, Design, Live Action Direction, Editorial, Animation, Music Supervision
When Kindle dropped the price down to $139, the value concept of "it's so affordable, you don't need to be precious with it" was born.
We took that idea a step further, demonstrating the way Kindle seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. The high energy, infectious “Kindle Zest” quickly became the highest performing Kindle spot ever. Consumers related to the diversity of the cast, realism of the scenarios, the energy of the music.

The defining voice for Kindle was established and each new ad showcased a different way to bring your library with you, wherever you go. Read more.
Play Zest / Book Lives On / Rules of Fire / Zest UK / Escape
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Kindle's early foray into television advertising centered around passion for reading and the emotional sense of escape that comes with a great book.
Our goal was to make the technology all but disappear and become secondary to getting lost in the story. We developed this one-shot concept as a way to move past the product and capture that special moment of reading. As the camera cranes out from the device, we're able to establish a relaxed environment that inherently illustrates just how easy and uncomplicated your life becomes with Kindle.
Play Beach / Central Park / Coffee Shop
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