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New York
We did: Everything
With the goal of raising a minimum of $30M in four years for the new Ocean Wonders Sharks! Exhibit at the New York Aquarium, the Wildlife Conservation Society brought us on as their agency of record to help with the fundraising effort. We were thrilled to be supporting our local aquarium and all of the conservation and education efforts that the WCS fosters around the world.

We started by developing a strategic positioning and a comprehensive long-term plan. We created an overarching campaign that began with a new logo and tagline and consumer-facing collateral for their annual fundraiser, Dinner by the Sea. Other campaign support materials included wallscape signage, digital presentation materials, sales collateral and stationary.

We built an interactive desktop and mobile microsite that focuses on a key architectural element of the new construction, referred to as "the shimmer wall." The website drives public fundraising through purchasing virtual shimmer tiles and allows users to donate, educate themselves, and share their support.

Most recently, we launched a Brooklyn-focused OOH campaign to increase awareness and engage with the local community about the exciting transformation taking place at the NYA.

Please visit to contribute to the campaign.