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We did: Design, Live Action Direction, Editorial, Animation
This exuberant global brand campaign was brought to life with our wildly creative approach to live action, stop motion and other animation techniques.
Partnering with Saatchi & Saatchi, we created unique variations of the campaign for different markets and regions around the world. Our designers and animators created new stop-motion sequences with packs of gum from the entire Trident–chewing planet. Now we know how to say “smile” and “fun” in sixteen languages. Read more.
Play Anthem / Wondermint / Spearmint / Tropical Twist
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Our experience in producing live action shoots around the world was instrumental in making this large production a success. We believe that in order to have a successful shoot, we need to think big, plan extensively and develop production methodologies that capture more than what's normally expected for a TV spot.

We began by building a detailed mood video and a smart, engaging and fun script. We then created an organic but highly detailed shot list that would capture both the emotional and sensory experience of chewing gum.

To maximize our time shooting on location in Uruguay, we brought our cinematographer and talent on the location scout and framed up possible shots, shooting impromptu scenes and providing a few authentic and unexpected options well in advance of the actual shoot.

This pre-shoot was an essential tool to getting the entire production planned out but also an invaluable resource in understanding what the week would entail and what locations worked best. Several of these scouting shots ended up making the final cut and gave us and our clients the flexibility of working with an even greater range of footage options.

Following the successful launch of the live action campaign, we produced a series of fully animated spots :15 spots in English, French and Spanish for TV and online use. The hand-drawn typography and fun illustrations were also featured in an extensive out of home campaign.