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We did: Everything
As WQXR's agency of record, we are rewriting the rules for promoting classical music while expanding the cultural leader's national influence.
Our kickoff campaign celebrated "Beethoven Awareness Month" by flipping expectations and recasting the composer as a modern cultural icon. Our antidote to the perception of classical music being stodgy and elitist began with street-level wild postings around NYC featuring an image inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic graphic style and the words OBEY-THOVEN. Read more.
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From Beethoven to Mozart

The objectives of the OBEYTHOVEN campaign went beyond boosting listenership; we sought to instill a new appreciation for centuries-old music. Shepard Fairey gave a magnanimous nod of approval, remarking to the New York Times, "of course I support classical music, and this homage to my work made me smile” while New York Magazine’s tastemaking Approval Matrix positioned the campaign at the apex of “Highbrow/Brilliant.”

We stretched a modest media budget across wallscapes, posters, online ads, a local TV spot and fun limited edition items like T-shirts, stickers and temporary tattoos. We also helped WQXR produce an event at Grand Central Station featuring a quartet performing live Beethoven pieces accompanied by a breakdancer wearing our cheeky "BEETHOVEN WAS DEF" T-shirt.

The campaign caught the attention of hundreds of blogs and aggregators across the country and pushed WQXR to the coveted #1 ratings slot among U.S. classical radio stations. The station was so happy with the campaign that they chose to run it again for the second annual Beethoven awareness month.

In our third year, we flipped the campaign once again and staged a Mozart coup, covered our OBEYTHOVEN art with MozArt graffiti (spelled with the anarchists' "A", which we then replaced with the mysterious line "I AM A DEUS."

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The I AM A DEUS campaign perfectly captured the composer's rebellious spirit while still delivering bold messaging for the WQXR brand.
Along with wild postings, wall murals, digital banners and a local TV spot, we developed and managed an extensive social media campaign and launched the “Life with Wolfie” Tumblr, a fictional parenting blog penned by little Wolfgang's overbearing stage dad Leopold. Once again, WQXR received notice and praise from The New York Times and New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix. Read more.
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For year four, we defied expectations again by reimagining J.S. Bach as a psychedelic rock god, underscoring the mind-expanding nature of his music.
The campaign promoted a 30-day celebration of the father of western music, culminating in a 24-hour live performance of his complete organ works. We designed striking key art, filled with hidden details and references. This image became the basis for our wild postings, print signage, street art, digital ads, branded merchandise, and an animated TV spot. The campaign captured the imagination of many listeners, who responded with tremendous enthusiasm on Facebook and Twitter.
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Our on-air imaging campaign furthered our efforts to cement the link between listeners' urban lifestyles and the centuries-old music of of the station.
As a playful approach to communicating the transformative power of classical music, we weaved together the everyday sounds of the city into recognizable classics. In search of the perfect sonic matches, we eschewed stock sounds in favor of meticulous field recordings, capturing, sorting and stitching until the transition from outdoors to orchestra felt perfectly seamless. The result was an infusion of classical with contemporary—not unlike the station itself. Read more.
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Bach 360

For WQXR's Bach festival, we created a contemporary, poppy identity which ran on digital posters, banner ads, TV, posters and T-shirts. Our cheeky "Gettin' wiggy with it" mural encouraged fans to embody the divine musician by standing beneath his signature hairpiece. The mural elicited smiles from passersby and a flurry of tagged snapshots on Instagram.

Classical Summer

We enlivened WQXR's distinctive outdoor Summer music program with artful and elegant advertising that extended from print and out-of-home to event-specific applications such as promotional tents and posters. The campaign, which brought high culture playfully back down to earth, reflected the accessibility of hearing the world-class New York Philharmonic in Central Park. Messaging and design also reinforced WQXR’s commitment to another form of modern accessibility: live streaming on the station’s website and through their new mobile app.

Instrument Drive

Our campaign for WQXR’s instrument drive for donations to city public schools was an overwhelming success. We created playful, colorful illustrations that came to life across wild postings, print ads, and an animated spot. Going into the drive, WQXR was hoping to reach 1,000 donated instruments. Instead, they received over 2,500 instruments for NYC students, plus favorable press coverage including this New York Times video.